5% Discount For All Autel Tools

Dear customers,
Thanks for your support for AutelTechShop all the time.
With the coming of Chinese Spring Festival, we will have a long holiday from 3rd to 14th.Feb to celebrate it.

During this period of time,we will have a 5% discount for all items.You can choose what you need.
(Puting 2016 to the blank space,then click apply to use the coupon code)
After 14th.Feb,the price will be changed to the normal.

It has no effect on placing orders during this time,but we will ship your order when we back to work.
And we will go back to work on 15th.Feb.
So, please place the order if you want to use a discount.
We rarely give a discount for whole items because the price on our website is low.

And if you have any problem,please leave us a message.
We will help you solve your problem as we back to work.

Thank you very much.
At last,wish all of you a happy new year.

Best regards!