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Product Description

Autel MaxiCheck Pro is designed for professional technicians and body shops to service individual specialized systems. It include Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), Steering Angle Sensor (SAS), Oil light resets.

Autel MaxiCheck Pro EPB/ABS/SRS/SAS Function Special Application Diagnostics Update Online

Top 5 Reasons to Get MaxiCheck Pro:

1. Update Online Free Lifetime on Autel Official Website
2. One Year Warranty
3. It is designed for professional technicians and body shops to service individual specialized systems.
4. It include Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) and Oil light resets.
5. Multiple Language Supported: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian (Please provide device serial number for language exchange)
MaxiCheck Pro
1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Function is Deleted, You Can Buy MaxiTPMS TS601 for TPMS Programming
2. Maxicheck Pro is for Specific Vehicles Most Up to Year 2015, Not Compatibility for All ABS Bleed Works with Limited Specific Vehicle Models, most vehicle Year under 2015 or older vehicles, For GM, up to 2018. All the functions are Not universal for each vehicle. Please contact us back through email to check the compatibility before order, offer your detail Car Model, Year, VIN (IMPORTANT), and the functions you need, you will get the available solution as soon as possible
3. Japanese Vehicles Like Toyota, Honda May Vary in Auto Bleed Function Even for The Same Make, Model and Year. Please check with a dealership whether your car comes with this function before purchase.
4. Autel MaxiCheck Pro is NOT Universally Compatible for Service & Special Functions Like ABS Automated Bleed, Oil Reset, ABS, SRS, EPB, SAS, BMS and etc. Please send VIN number to email to check compatibility

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Description:
Autel MaxiCheck Pro diagnostic scanner is designed for car maintenance services. It is an ideal scan tool for professional technicians and body shops to service individual specialized systems. Maxicheck Pro scanner performs service likes Inspection and Mileage Resets. Oil Light Reset. Battery Maintenance Services. View Freeze Frame Data to view the vehicle's operating parameters at the moment code is detected. ABS and SRS Coverage for 50+ Vehicle Makes. Besides, check pro equiped with various diagnoses & special functions like ABS Bleeding, Airbag, EPB which are NOT universally compatible. (Send me VINs to confirm before your purchase!) 

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Vehicle List:
ABS/SRS: BENZ, BENZ Sprinter, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, LandRover, Porsche, Renault, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo, VW.
EPB: BENZ, BMW, Citroen, Ford, LandRover, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Toyota, Volvo, VW.
OLR: BENZ, BENZ Sprinter, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford,LandRover, Porsche, Renault, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volvo, VW.
SAS: BENZ, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Fiat, LandRover, Peugeot, Renault, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota
Autel MaxiCheck Pro Features:

Crystal Clear TFT Color Screen
Enhanced OBD2 Coverage for Domestic, Asian & European Vehicles
Limited One (1) Year Warranty
Multilingual Support
Opens & Closes Electronic Brake Calipers
Reads & Clears EPB/SBC Trouble Codes
Turns off the ECU & Brake Warning Lights
Diagnoses EPB/SBC Caliper Functionality
Resets the Oil Service Light
Resets the Service Mileage & Service Intervals
Sets the Inspection Mileage
Resets Steering Angle Sensors (SAS)
ABS Coverage for 50+ Vehicle Makes – U.S. Domestic, Asian & European
SRS Coverage for 50+ Vehicle Makes – U.S. Domestic, Asian & European
Diesel Particulate Filter Functionality
ABS Bi-directional Functionality
Resets battery adaptation and registers battery replacement
Reads, Records and Plays Back OBD2 Live Data Graphing

Autel MaxiCheck Pro Function:

MaxiCheck Pro: Easy-to-use Service Tool to Quickly Perform Wide-Range of Vehicle Services
1. Read, Clear and Diagnose Electronic Brake Caliper (EBC)/ Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) Caliper Functionality and resets the brake pad thickness required for Audi A8 service
2. Easily Perform Multiple Vehicle Services Resets Maintenance and Oil, Inspection and  Resets.
3. Read and Erase OBD-II diagnostic trouble codes for domestic, Asian,and European vehicles
4. Complete OBDII/ EOBD coverage with easy to use step-by-step on-screen guided instructions
5. Provide a quick and easy solution to everyday tasks in the workshop that cannot be completed without a diagnostic tool.

MaxiCheck Pro Service Tool Can Do it All:

1. Read and Clear trouble codes for Air Bag (SRS) and EPB/SBC
2. Read and Clear ABS trouble codes as well as bi-directional functionality
3. Open and Close Electronic Brake Calipers
4. Diagnose EPB/SBC caliper functionality
5. Reset Steering Angle Sensors (SAS) functionality
6. Reset Oil Service Light and Mileage service intervals
7. Set inspection 1 and 2 service intervals / Set inspection mileage
8. Enhanced OBD2 Coverage for Domestic, Asian and European Vehicles
9. Turn off the ECU and brake warning light
10. View, graph, record and playback OBD-II live data
11. Mode 6 and freeze frame data coverage

OBD II Diagnostics:

1. Read and Erase Codes
2. DTC Lookup
3. Live Data/ Freeze Frame
4. Retrieve I/M Readiness Status
5. O2 Monitor Test/ On-Board Monitor Test
6. Component Test
7. View Vehicle Information
8. Modules Present 
Autel MaxiCheck Pro
Autel MaxiCheck Pro

Special Functions:

1. Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS):
Maxicheck Pro diagnostic tool is designed for safe and professional replacement and recalibration of brake pads on a growing number of vehicles with electronic hand-brakes. This tool automatically links up with the control module by connecting to the vehicle's OBD II port. By disengaging the brake system it increases safety with the push of a button. Eliminating the need to use expensive OE diagnostics systems to the job on EPB systems makes the tool a time saver and a money maker! In addition, it is designed to enable the technician to read and clear ABS trouble codes.

2. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) & Airbag:
Check Pro tester enables a technician to read and clear trouble codes, and also reset airbag and SRS warning lights. Perfect for body shops.

3. BMS Service:
The BMS (Battery Management System) allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, activate the rest state of the vehicle, and charge the battery via the diagnostic socket.

4. Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration:
Designed to preform the zero position calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor in a growing number of vehicles equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

5. DPF Service: The DPF function allows you to carry out numerous functions on the Diesel Particulate Filter system without having to send the car to a main dealer. The tool will retrieve/erase DPF-related codes, reset the DPF light after the filter has been replaced, micromanage the injection rate, and burn off collected particles when a maximum fill level is reached by performing static/dynamic regeneration.

6. Oil Service Reset:
Maxicheck Pro Enables the resetting of service lights, and service intervals on a range of vehicles including the latest For BMW, For Mercedes, For Volvo, For VW/Audi, Fiat, for Mazda etc. This is a time and money saver for the service garage to have the service light turned out without using the expensive OEM scan tool.
Autel MaxiCheck Pro
How to Update Autel MaxiCheck Pro ?

Autel frequently releases software updates that you can download. TheUpdate feature makes it very easy to determine and get exactly what you need.
1. Install Maxi PC Suite through the included CD, or download the applications in our website: or our distributors'site. You can use a Mac or a Windows-based computer to download the suitable version and proceed.
2. Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet.
3. Load the SD card of the scan tool to your PC.
4. Run the Maxi PC Suite. Wait for the Log In window to pop up
5. Enter your Autel ID and password and wait for the Update window to display. If you forget your password unintentionally, you may always click the [Forget Password?] to link to our website and get your password back.
6. Select the product type and serial number, click OK to continue.
7. In the Update window, select the items you want to install.Usually, you should install all available updates.

How to Perform ABS Auto Bleed with MaxiCheck Pro:

ABS/SrS- Vehicle make, model and year selection or put in VIN number directly -> Anti-Block Brake System -> Special Functions ->ABS Automated Bleed, Hydraulic Brake Bleeding or similar name.
Autel MaxiCheck Pro
How to Power Up the Scanner

Please be reminded that MaxiCheck Pro does not come with built-in battery and it relies on the vehicle battery to provide power. Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot "won't power up" issue.
Step 1: Connect the scanner to the DLC port of the vehicle through OBD2 included.
Step 2: Turn ignition on.

Won't Power Up Troubleshooting:

Step 1: Make sure your car has good battery level.
Step 2: Check if you turned igition on.
Step 3: Check whether PIN 4, PIN 5 and PIN 16 on the DLC port has voltage.
Step 4: Check whether the PINs on the OBD2 cable are damaged.

No Communication Troubleshooting:

Step 1: Check compatibility with us before purchase.
Step 2: Update the software to the latest.
Step 3: Select the correct track on the menu, eg. ABS/SrS-- USA -- GM-- 2000- Passenger Car-- Chassis -- E (Fourth digit of your VIN) -- Delco/ Bosch ABS/ TCS -- Special Functions-- Automated Bleed
Step 4: If it shows no communication through auto bleed, check whether it communicates with the car through OBDII.
Step 5: If no communication through OBDII, please check whether the DLC port and the PINs on the OBDII cable are damaged.
NOTE: If there are any ABS DTCs present, it will show communication fail too. Please clear the ABS codes or make proper repair/replacement first.
Autel MaxiCheck Pro Package List:
1pc X Maxicheck Pro Unit
1pc X OBD II Cable
1pc X CD Software
1pc X USB Cable
1pc X User Manual
1pc X Hard Carry Case

MaxiCheck Function Compare:

MaxiCheck Function Compare

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MaxiCheck Function Compare:

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